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Clustering Guide
Configuring cluster on JBoss : Setting up a cluster on JBoss

Setting up a cluster on JBoss

To set up a cluster:
1. The cluster configuration file should be present on all the cluster nodes. Copy oebps-cluster.xml file from the node on which the cluster configuration file is available to the <OEBPS_HOME>/cluster/conf folder of all other cluster nodes.
2. Configure the cluster by executing the setupcluster.cmd/sh script from the <OEBPS_HOME>/cluster/bin folder on each node of the cluster. This creates the cluster server nodes configured for that BusinessManager instance.
Refer to the bpmcluster.log file for log messages from the cluster set up utility.
3. Verify that the cluster nodes have been created in the <JBoss_Home>/jboss-as/server location.
On each node of the cluster, the configured server nodes must be created as specified in cluster configuration file.
For Example: For a cluster having 2 nodes, the following server nodes (directories) should be created:
On Node1: ejbnode1, webnode1
On Node2: ejbnode2, webnode2
4. Execute modifyprop.cmd/sh from <OEBPS_HOME>/cluster/bin folder on each node of the cluster.
On doing so, certain configuration parameter values are changed in the following configuration files available in <OEBPS_HOME>/conf location on all cluster nodes. The original files containing these configuration parameters are backed up by appending _<number> to the file name, where the <number> is the time (in long number format) when the files were modified. Thereafter, cluster specific configurations are updated in the following files.
5. On the node where the proxy server is installed, execute configureproxyserver.cmd/sh from the <OEBPS_HOME>/cluster/bin folder.