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Clustering Guide
Exploring the Cluster Configuration Tool : Proxy Server

Proxy Server

A proxy server is required with a Web cluster. When a Web cluster is set up, the external clients send their request to the proxy server. Then, it is the proxy server that routes the request to one of the servers in the Web cluster. Therefore the proxy server configuration is essential with the Web cluster. The proxy server is provided as a plugin by the application server vendor and is different for different Web servers. For installation of plugin in Web servers, refer to the vendor specific documentation. The following procedure describes the configuration of the Proxy server.
1. In the left pane, under the node OEBPM Cluster, click Servers.
2. In the Server panel, click Proxy Server to display its information, as shown in the following figure.
3. Specify Name for the server, which should be unique.
Note: Ensure that the machine can be identified by the IP Address in the network and it is unique across the network. For your convenience, the Cluster Configuration Tool displays the default values for all ports. You may change any of these, if required.
The Cluster Configuration Tool retains these values for the current session. When you specify other servers, you can click Save to save the configuration.