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Clustering Guide
Configuring cluster on JBoss : Before configuring cluster on JBoss : Installing Proxy server on JBoss

Installing Proxy server on JBoss

JBoss application server does not have an integrated proxy server. Thus, if web cluster needs to be configured, then an external proxy server (Apache HTTP server) should be installed.
Important: On some Unix based Operating Systems, Apache HTTP Server is installed by default. In that case, this default HTTP server can be used as proxy for BusinessManager.
If Apache HTTP server is not installed by default, then install proxy server on one of the nodes.
Perform the following steps to install proxy server:
1. Install Apache HTTP Server 2.x on one of the nodes where BusinessManager is installed. For more information about Apache HTTP Server, refer
2. Download the corresponding Tomcat connector mod_jk 1.2.x. Rename the file as, and copy it in the <APACHE_HOME>/modules folder, where <APACHE_HOME> is the Apache server installation folder. For more information about Tomcat connector, refer
3. In httpd.conf file under <APACHE_HOME>/conf location, specify the port number on which Apache HTTP server listens or use the default port number. Ensure that the port is unused (for example, Listen 14001).