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Clustering Guide
Recovering failed nodes : Configuring BPM Events for Failover

Configuring BPM Events for Failover

Some of the important parameters in bpmevents.conf which affect BPM Events failover functionality are discussed below:

BPM Events parameters for failover

When BPM Events monitoring is "on", whenever BPM Events is started, a monitoring process starts on each of the nodes. BPM Events server starts up on any one of the nodes. On the node, where the BPM Events server is active, monitoring process checks the state of the BPM Events at the interval specified by bizpulse.server.cluster.monitor.interval parameter in seconds. By default, the monitoring takes place every 30 seconds, and the process writes the last BPM Events alive time to the database.
On all the other nodes, monitoring process checks and compares the last BPM Events alive time with the current time.
When the difference between the last BPM Events alive time and the current time exceeds the specified bpmevents.server.cluster.failover.interval parameter in seconds, the monitoring process tries to start the BPM Events server on a node other than the one on which BPM Events was last active. By default, the BPM Events failover interval is set to 120 seconds.