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Clustering Guide
Configuring cluster on JBoss : Configuring cluster details on JBoss : Configure Proxy server on JBoss

Configure Proxy server on JBoss

A proxy server is required with a Web cluster. When a Web cluster is set up, the external clients send their request to the proxy server. Then, it is the proxy server that routes the request to one of the servers in the Web cluster. Therefore the proxy server configuration is essential with the Web cluster.
This section describes how to configure the Apache HTTP Server as a proxy server/load balancer.
To configure proxy server:
1. In the left pane, under the node BusinessManager, click Server.
2. Under the Server node, click Proxy.
3. Enter Name for the server to identify it uniquely in the cluster. This name is used for starting and stopping the Proxy server on this node.
4. Specify the IP Address of the node.
5. Use the default port numbers, or enter unique port number for HTTP Port on which the node listens.
6. Enter Proxy Home as the location of Apache HTTP Server installation (HTTP_SERVER_HOME).