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Clustering Guide
Exploring the Cluster Configuration Tool : Starting the Cluster Configuration Tool : Clusters Panel

Clusters Panel

In your BusinessManager cluster setup, you can have either clusters of EJB/JMSor Portal servers . The following procedure describes the configuration of the cluster nodes.
1. Click any cluster you want to configure to display its information.
2. You can specify the cluster name and in case of a JMS Cluster, also specify the store type.
3. Click any existing node, or click Add Node to display the Clusters panel in the right pane.
The Clusters Node Panel displays information about the selected cluster. Typically, it displays the Node Name, IP Address, HTTP Port, JNDI Port, Target Node and OEBPS Home directory for a node in the cluster.
Note: For your convenience, the Cluster Configuration Tool displays the default values for all ports. You may change any of these, if required.
4. After specifying/modifying this information, you can:
*Click Add to add the cluster node.
*Click Add and Continue to add the current cluster node and continue to add more nodes.
*Click Cancel to go back to the previous screen.