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BP Server Developer's Guide
Workstep Instance Management : Working with the workstep instance states

Working with the workstep instance states

A WorkStepInstance can witness different states during its life cycle.
BP Server provides the APIs to determine the current state of the WorkStepInstance.
*public boolean isActivated()
Returns true if the WorkStepInstance is in the Activated state. You can perform any operation on the Activated WorkStepInstance, including suspension and removal.
*public boolean isCompleted()
The workstep instance can be checked for the Completed state directly with the help of this API. If the workstep instance has been completed, then it returns true.
*public boolean isSuspended()
If the workstep instance is in the Suspended state, then you get the Boolean value as true. You can only resume a Suspended WorkStepInstance, or remove it completely.