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BP Server Developer's Guide
Workstep Instance Management : Working with the workstep instance priority

Working with the workstep instance priority

The workstep instance priority has four possible options:
Depending on the requirement, you can also define your own priorities in the configuration file OEBPS_HOME\conf\oebps.conf. However, once the applications are installed and used, the priority options should not be changed.
The WorkStepInstance priority and its WorkItems priority are the same. If you change the WorkStepInstance priority, then the priority of all the WorkItems associated with this WorkStepInstance is also changed.
If you set a priority which is not from the specified list, then at the time of setPriority(), an exception is raised.
Note: Priority is not case sensitive.
*public void setPriority(String Priority)
A process instance has a priority associated with it, which can be set at the time of creation of process instance or with the help of this API. By default, the priority is Medium.