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BP Server Developer's Guide
Workstep template management : Working with workstep template states : Using reactivate workStep

Using reactivate workStep

The following APIs help to set, retrieve, and remove the reactivate worksteps.
*public void setReactivateWorkStepName(java.lang.String rwsName)
Sets the reactivate workstep name for this workstep.
*public java.lang.String getReactivateWorkStepName()
Returns the name of the workstep, which is reactivated if the execution of this workstep fails.
*public void removeReactivateWorkStepName()
Removes the reactivate workstep ID related to this workstep.
Note: BP Server does not support suspending, resuming, or removing workstep templates. If you try these operations on a WorkStepTemplate, then BP Server throws an exception.