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BP Server Developer's Guide
Workstep performers : Types of performers

Types of performers

BP Server allows you to specify following types of performers:
*Single user
*External adapter
Except the adapter, all these are human performers, and are used for human worksteps, whereas the adapter is used for adapter worksteps.
If an e-mail ID is specified as a performer for a human activity workstep, then an e-mail is sent to that e-mail ID on activation of that workstep. This e-mail contains input/output dataslot values. The user can complete this task by replying to this e-mail and providing values for output dataslots in that reply. On receipt of this e-mail, BP Server completes the task along with the output dataslot values.
Note: Make sure the e-mail ID you specify as an e-mail performer in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge is valid. No action is taken, and no errors are logged, if the e-mail address is invalid.
If a workstep with a queue performer is configured as an "e-mail performer", then to send e-mails to all members of the queue, ensure that the Group implementation of the Realm implements com.tdiinc.userManager.AdvanceGroup interface. Both com.tdiinc.userManager.JDBCRealm and com.tdiinc.userManager.LDAPRealm support AdvanceGroup.
* Specifying performer precedence