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BP Server Developer's Guide
Dataslot management : Using dataslots : Retrieving dataslots

Retrieving dataslots

You can retrieve dataslots from classes BLServer, ProcessInstance, and WorkItem.
BP Server provides the API for retrieving the object DataSlot corresponding to a particular dataslot.
*public DataSlot getDataSlot(java.lang.String dsName)
This method in class ProcessInstance retrieves DataSlot object by providing the name of dataslot. You must first retrieve the ProcessInstance object.
Note: If the process template does not exist, then it is first created and activated. Then the process instance is created and the ProcessInstance object is retrieved.
This method returns "Not Public" for private dataslots.
*public DataSlotList getDataSlotList()
This method is useful when you want to retrieve the DataSlot object for all the dataslots available with the process instance.