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BP Server Developer's Guide
Work item management : Assigning work items : Reassigning an assigned work item

Reassigning an assigned work item

*public void reAssign(String performer)
This API helps in reassigning an Assigned work item to a given performer. The performer can be an user, group of users, an external application, system or a script.
Consider that a work item is assigned to performer member1 and the performer now wants to reassign the task to member2. With help of this method, member1 can reassign the Assigned work item to member2 or any other performer. After reassigning, member1 should invoke save() API to reflect the changes to server.
Note: If the work item is not assigned to member1, then invoking this API throws an exception.
It is possible to reassign the work item to the same performer. In the above example, if member1 invokes this API and sets the performer as member1, then the work item is reassigned to member1.