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BP Server Developer's Guide
Workstep Instance Management : Reactivating workstep instances

Reactivating workstep instances

BP Server supports reactivation of a workstep instance, even after it is completed. A Completed workstep can be reactivated by setting the rollback point to true. With the help of reactivate(), the flow is restarted from the given workstep.
When the rollback point is set to true, the following steps take place to reactivate the Completed workstep.
1. Suspend the current ProcessInstance.
2. Suspend all the Activated worksteps.
3. Run compensatory JavaScript for all the worksteps from the given workstep through the last workstep in the node visited and change the path for the node visited.
4. If there are any dataslot copies, then replace all the dataslot values with default values at that point.
5. Resume the current ProcessInstance.
6. Activate the given workstep.
Note: Suspend action is allowed only on Activated Activity workstep, Activated nested workstep, and Message Driven workstep in Wait state. If the WorkStepInstanceList has any other combination of state/type of workstep, then a BP ServerException is raised.