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BP Server Developer's Guide
Query service

Query service

The BP Server is the workflow engine that processes user requests. Most of the time, users request to retrieve bulk data from the server. The data retrieved from the server needs to be serialized on the server and deserialized on the client, and that effects the performance. Usually users apply filtering and specify the order of the data to be retrieved. For example, a particular user may be interested to see only the tasks that are due in the next two days, instead of all the assigned tasks.
Query Service is a BP Server client utility for faster retrieval of workflow information. It is a part of the BP Server client library that can run in the client workspace to retrieve the read-only data, based on the user queries. Query Service is an effective utility to reduce the network traffic and the load on the BP Server.
* Working with queries
* Working with filters
* Query service results
* Configuring Business Process Server for query service