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BP Server Developer's Guide
Configuring performers : EJB performer in atomic workstep : Performer string

Performer string

The EJB performer of an Activity workstep provides both the EJB name and the method name. It has the following syntax:
*jndi://<server-id>/<jndi name of EJB>:<method name>
*jndi://$<alias-name>/<jndi name of EJB>:<method name>
*where jndi:// is the name of protocol, which is case sensitive,
*<server-id> or $<alias-name> is the name of the application server defined in,
*<jndi name of EJB> is the jndiname of the EJB object used to locate the EJB in the application server, and
*<method name> is the name of the method in the EJB remote interface, that is called by the BP Server to get the performers for the Activity workstep.