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BP Server Developer's Guide
Workstep template management : Nested workstep with multi-subprocesses : Limitations


*While specifying the performer of a subprocess workstep, you must manually enter @<LIST Dataslot Name> in the space provided. You cannot click the "use a dataslot" because only the CHARACTER dataslots are displayed.
*You cannot use the same LIST dataslot for both Input and Output. If you attempt to use the same dataslot for both input and output, then the LIST dataslot is not updated. You must create seperate LIST dataslots to send the data and recieve the data.
*The data sent back to the main process from the subprocess is set into the mapped LIST dataslot in the order in which the subprocess is completed. You may introduce additional mechanisms (for example, appending the subprocess name to the return value) to keep track of the incoming values.