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BP Server Developer's Guide
Dynamic user profile

Dynamic user profile

Business Process Server supports the following user management realms:
*LDAP Hybrid
For LDAP, and LDAP Hybrid realms, Sun Java System Directory, and Microsoft Active Directory are supported.
However, it is possible to replace the default realm of Business Process Server with a custom implementation. For this purpose, Business Process Server supports pluggable realm implementations by providing standard interface to all the realms. You can implement the Business Process Server user management interface to replace the default Business Process Server implementation code.
However, some applications — where users, groups, roles, and queues are maintained and managed by external applications (such as client-developed custom portals) — may in turn call the BP Server. In such cases, BP Server supports specifying user profile information at runtime using the BP Server session object.
* Working with the UserProfile object
* Using the UserProfile object with queues