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BP Server Developer's Guide
Process refresh : BP Server admin commands for Process Refresh feature

BP Server admin commands for Process Refresh feature

Typically, the process refresh is carried out from Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge using the Refresh process template option during the process publishing. You can also validate and refresh using the BP Server Admin utility.
BP Server Admin provides the following commands for the Process Refresh feature:
*validateProcessForUpdate ptname
This command is used for validating the process to be refreshed.
validateProcessForUpdate takes the process name which is refreshed. The new process XML can be specified as the absolute location for the XML file or the entire XML file as String. If it is not specified, then the API reads from the OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps\<processname>\processtemplates\processname.xml, where <processname> is the name of the process.
validateProcessForUpdate ptname c:/temp/refreshpt.xml
validateProcessForUpdate ptname
validateProcessForUpdate ptname refreshPtXmlDefinitionAsString
If the command validateProcessForUpdate does not show any errors, then the process can be refreshed.
*replaceProcess ptname
This command is used for refreshing the process without versioning.
replaceProcess takes the process name which is refreshed. You must copy the modified file to OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps\<ptName>\processtemplates folder.
While refreshing, the ptName is used and the corresponding modified file is taken from OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps\<ptName>\processtemplates folder.
Note: When the process is refreshed successfully, any changed adapters and the interfaces changes for the Activity worksteps and all the process dependent changes must be copied to the OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps folder and also to the portal server ebmsapps folder.