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BP Server Developer's Guide
Dynamic class loader for adapters : Loading adapter classes : Adapter class loader

Adapter class loader

In Adapter class loader, each adapter is loaded by a different instance of the class loader. To enable Adapter class loader, set the following property in bpserver.conf
This property defines whether a different classloader is to be used for different applications. For any change in this property to be effective, BP Server must be stopped and restarted.
The benefit of Adapter class loader is that reloading an adapter does not affect any other loaded adapters. However, using Adapter class loader entails that there are as many class loaders as the adapters loaded in the system.
In production environments, adapter modifications are less common, and hence the dynamic class loading option can be disabled to improve the performance. We recommend you to start the BP Server with the following property value in the file bpserver.conf:
If new JAR files are added to the folder OEBPS_HOME\ebmsapps\<application name>\lib after BP Server startup, then those JAR files are automatically picked by the class loader to search for class files. This is true for application class loaders as well as Adapter class loaders.
If new JAR files are added to the common JAR file locations after BP Server startup, then they are picked by the class loader to search for class files whenever a new application attempts to load an adapter. Thereafter, the newly added JAR files are available to all the running applications.