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BP Server Developer's Guide
Workstep performers : Excluding performers for worksteps : Actual performer of completed work item

Actual performer of completed work item

A successfully completed work item is always removed from the BP Server database cache. Consequently, the actual performer of a completed work item is not recorded. In practice, a work item may be reassigned to another person who is not even specified in the workstep performer list, and who may complete it. It is therefore necessary that the real performer who has completed the work item should be recorded for future use in the business process.
The excludeWSList is the list of workstep names that were specified as the value of the <PerformerOf> tag.
For any work item completion, BP Server verifies in the process template whether the excludeWSList is empty. If this list is empty, then BP Server continues as before.
BP Server writes the performer of the completed work item in the database only when the workstep name of the completed work item exists in the excludeWSList. In this approach, any overhead to applications that does not use the Four-eye principle is limited to one in-memory operation.
If a process template has worksteps with exclude-performers lists, then the records inserted in the above table are removed only on completion or removal of a process instance.