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BP Server Developer's Guide
Workstep template management : Accesing infopads from BP Server

Accesing infopads from BP Server

You can create an infopad using BPM Events rules. An infopad is a tabular structure to store data. Each cell of an infopad can store multiple data values of different datatypes. The data in an infopad is usually updated using BPM Events rules. Infopads are useful for reporting purposes, for storing aggregate values, for storing configuration parameters, etcetera. Business Process Server provides access to infopad data values from various BP Server components, namely, pre- and post-Javascripts of worksteps, preconditions of a workstep, conditions on different branches of Decision worksteps.
Infopad data is stored in a database. You can use BPM Events's query service class—com.savvion.sbm.bizpulse.client.queryservice.QSInfopadService—for accessing infopad data. This class provides access to infopad data values by directly querying the database. This class can be directly referred from various BP Server components. This class provides various getter methods to which you can pass infopad name, row number, column number and slot name as parameters and the API returns the specific slot value from specific cell of the infopad.
* Accesing infopads from pre and post-JavaScript
* Infopad access in a precondition of a workstep
* Infopad access for defining a condition for a decision workstep