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Application Developer's Guide
Using custom dataslots : Defining custom dataslots with complex objects : Using the getPresentation function

Using the getPresentation function

As an example of dataslots with a custom presentation, consider a case where as part of the presentation of a workstep, the result of a database query needs to be displayed as a table. Without support for dataslots with custom presentation, the only way to accomplish this task would be to customize the generated JSP page to include code to display the result of the query as a table. With the getPresentation() function, you can create a dataslot (for example, MyTable) and then use the MyTable dataslot as input to any workstep which is to display the data as a table. The custom dataslot does not support an easy mechanism for entering data; it is intended to be only used for presentation.
* Using getPresentation() with custom dataslots