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Application Developer's Guide
Developing an application : Using BPM Workflow JSP tags : Using the getLabel tag

Using the getLabel tag

The getLabel tag is used to return a label. Users can associate the label with the following types: a dataslot (in a specified workstep), a link (connection), or a resource (system or user-defined). If mode=WebApp, then the language (Locale) is set by the user browser preferences that are sent as part of the HTTP request. The default mode is WebApp, and we recommend that it is not modified during JSP customization.
The type attribute can have one of the following values: DATASLOT, LINK, and RESOURCE. If type=DATASLOT, then you must also use wsName (workstep name) attribute. If type=RESOURCE and resClass is not defined (the default), then internal resources are returned. If type=RESOURCE and resClass is defined, then user-defined resources can be returned. The algorithm used is the same as for any Java ResourceBundle. The resources (Java classes or property files, specified by the tag parameter "name") must be available for loading by either the appserver classloader or the Business Process Server classloader, which is the preferred method for packaging reasons. The classloader currently used by Business Process Server does not support reloading of adapter classes that have been updated unless the servlet engine is restarted.