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Application Developer's Guide
Using custom dataslots : Defining custom dataslots with complex objects : Using template-based interface generator for custom dataslots

Using template-based interface generator for custom dataslots

You can use the BPM CustomUI API API to define the presentation of the custom dataslot as a template. BPM CustomUI API API, which is available to all Web Applications, enables users to customize templates with tags, which are the dynamic part of the template. Users can customize the template as an HTML form.
The implementation of the getPresentation() method can use the setTag() method to describe how the tags in a template should be replaced, and can use the getPage() method to render the presentation for the custom dataslot.
Following is sample implementation of a getPresentation() method that sets the dataFileName tag in the getBarchart template. Note the bsBean is the instance of BPM CustomUI APIBean that is passed as a parameter to the custom dataslot.
public String getPresentation(...)
        "/BPM Workflow/common/templates/");
    bsBean.setTag("dataFileName", dataFileName);
    return bsBean.getPage("demo", "getBarchart");