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Application Developer's Guide
Using the Rule Wizard framework : Standard macro types

Standard macro types

This section discusses the standard macros and their editors, properties, methods, parameters, references, and arguments.
*A macro property is a value used during the code generation phase and is accessed by an expression such as $
*An input property is part of the rule template that specifies configuration information or default values. One specifies values for input properties by using the property, vector-property, and hash-property inside the <macro> tag.
*A macro method is invoked during the code generation phase and is accessed by $macro.method (list of arguments).
*A reference is described in a <reference> tag and contained in a <macro> or <editor> tag. References work similar to named parameters to a function. They also contain names known to the editor or macro and values which are expressions of type and evaluated at run-time. For references contained in editors, only macro names are valid as values (properties are not invoked). For references contained in macros, only one level of properties are valid as values, while an expression such as macro.property1.property2 and method calls are not allowed.
*An argument is described in the <argument> tag and contained in the <macro> tag. The Rule Wizard retrieves an array of arguments from BPM Designer. Each element contains a process template description and an array of selected worksteps in that process template. The <argument> tag allows for specifying indexes in these arrays so a macro knows where to obtain the data.
*An editor parameter is described in the <parameter> tag and contained in the <editor> tag. This parameter has the name and value attributes (plain strings) which are passed to the editor. Use these values to indicate some customization specific to the editor.
* Properties common to all macros
* Macro type: varname
* Macro type: boolean
* Macro type: date
* Macro type: date-expression
* Macro type: combo-box
* Macro type: list-box
* Macro type: enumeration
* Macro type: scale
* Macro type: dummy
* Macro type: label
* Macro type: description
* Macro type: dynamic-description
* Macro type: composite
* Macro type: process
* Macro type: workstep
* Macro type: dataslot
* Macro type: completeworkstep-action
* Macro type: sendmail-action
* Macro type: reassign-action
* Macro type: changepriority-action
* Macro type: module