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Application Developer's Guide
Developing an application : Selecting workstep interfaces

Selecting workstep interfaces

Business Process Server supports the following user interfaces:
*Portal for a browser
*Auto Generated: Provides a default HTML presentation, automatically generated at runtime.
*Custom: Generates custom JSP forms.
*Flow and Flow (private) interfaces: Provides both Flow and Private Flow interfaces.
*Mobile for a Mobile device
*Tablet for a Tablet device
*GUI for a OpenEdge GUI for .NET application
Note: For more information on workstep interface options, see Defining Workstep Presentation format in the OpenEdge Getting Started: Developing BPM Applications with Developer Studio.
The default HTML form does not facilitate the following:
*Validation of input
*Generation of meaningful error messages
*Control of the interface design
*Addition of images, such as company logos
*More descriptive titles and headings
*Different layout of fields or the reorganization of data fields