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Application Developer's Guide
Developing applications with rollback support : Attributes of the compensatory enabled process : Selecting dataslots for replacement

Selecting dataslots for replacement

Some processes use many dataslots and replacing all dataslots in each rollback may compromise server performance. For this reason, you may specify dataslot names for replacement. This option helps the workflow process to replace the chosen dataslot values with the original dataslot values.
To select dataslots for replacement, complete the following:
1. Complete steps 1-3 of the procedure Creating rollback points.
2. From the Properties view of the rollback workstep, click the Advanced tab, and then the On Activation tab.
Figure 19. Setting the rollback point
3. Click the ellipsis button beside the Save dataslots values for: box, to open the Save Dataslots Values dialog box.
4. Click Add and then select a dataslot from the Select Dataslots dialog box. Click OK to add the dataslot to the Name list.
5. Repeat Step 3 for additional dataslots, if necessary.
6. Click OK.
BP Server sets these selected dataslots for replacement.
Note: The first time a rollback workstep is activated, BP Server takes a snapshot of all selected dataslot values and persists it for later replacement. If the workstep defined as a rollback point is skipped due to a skip condition, then the dataslot values for that workstep are not persisted. Therefore, when BP Server rolls back to a skipped workstep, the dataslot values of such a workstep are not replaced with its original values.