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Application Developer's Guide
Developing an application : Publishing the application : Installing the application

Installing the application

You may install applications in the Administration page in Business Process Portal. For more information about installing applications, see the Business Process Portal Administrator’s Guide.
If your application does not have rules, then you can also install applications in BP Server Admin. The following directions enable you to install applications through BP Server Admin on Windows.
Note: Prior to starting BP Server Admin, you must start the BP Server.
To publish the Assign_A_Task_VX application:
1. Select Start > Programs > Progress > OpenEdge > BP Server > Admin Consoles > Business Process Console.
2. Execute the connect [user name] [password]command.
Substitute a valid user name and password. This connects to the BP Server.
3. Execute the getprocesslist command.
This displays the list of all currently installed process templates. If you are running this application for the first time, then you can not see Assign_A_Task_VX in the list of process templates currently installed. If this application was run before, then however, you should see Assign_A_Task_VX in the list.
4. Create the Business Process Server process from the XML file using the following commands.
create Assign_A_Task_VX.xml
install Assign_A_Task_VX
If you invoke getprocesslist again, then you should see the Assign_A_Task_VX process with the status "Installed Process Template."