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Application Developer's Guide
Using an LIST dataslot to invoke multiple subprocesses : Reviewing the publisher : Assigning an LIST dataslot as the subprocess performer

Assigning an LIST dataslot as the subprocess performer

To assign an LIST dataslot as the subprocess performer:
1. From the Performers content pane tab, click New. Select Sub-Process as the performer type and click OK.
2. In the Performer dialog box, click the ellipsis button beside the Sub-Process box and then select the Use a Dataslot option to display the Use a Dataslot dialog box.
3. Select the dataslot (in this case, SubProcessNames) and then click OK to add the subprocess performer.
4. Select the Indexed checkbox to mark this subprocess as indexed.
Note: The Indexed feature ensures that the values in the parent process’ LIST dataslot are not overwritten, when it receives data from multiple subprocesses, and that all the data is preserved in the parent process. Also, if the Indexed checkbox is not selected, then each subprocess that is completed and submits data to the parent process overwrites data from subprocesses that were completed earlier. For this reason, we recommend using a non-Indexed subprocess only when no data is to be returned or when overwriting of data does not matter.
5. Click OK.
* Adding a Subprocess workstep to the process template diagram