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Developing WebSpeed Applications
SpeedScript : Elements of SpeedScript syntax : Running procedures and Web objects : WebSpeed calling conventions
WebSpeed calling conventions
WebSpeed has a special set of procedure calling conventions. The first convention relies on the run-web-object method procedure. This procedure is the standard method to execute a Web object from within another procedure. It is also the basic method web-disp.p uses to execute Web objects in response to Web requests. The run-web-object procedure follows a protocol designed to ensure the integrity of the Web object, whether it is stateless or state aware. This allows WebSpeed to manage Web objects in a consistent manner. The run-web-object method procedure is defined in the utility object, install-path/src/web/objects/web-util.p.
The second convention relies on the dispatch method procedure. You use this procedure to execute event procedures, the special class of method procedures that you can override, but whose default code you cannot ordinarily change directly. The dispatch method procedure ensures that the override is executed rather than the default if the override exists. The dispatch method procedure is defined in the include file, install-path/src/web/method/admweb.i.