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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Controlling WebSpeed Transactions : Transaction control with CGI Wrapper Web objects

Transaction control with CGI Wrapper Web objects

WebSpeed allows you to code a CGI Wrapper Web object by customizing well defined code sections managed through the AppBuilder Code Section Editor. As such, CGI Wrapper Web objects support all of the techniques for starting and managing WebSpeed transactions.
In addition to the outputHeader and process-web-request procedures (described in Implementing transaction control), the default CGI Wrapper code sections include:
*Definitions — Where you can code preprocessor, parameter, and variable definitions that apply to the entire Web object.
*Main Code Block — The part of a Web object that performs initialization and executes process-web-request during initial execution and creation of the Web object. Generally, this is not an area that you modify unless you want to execute code once the first time a state-aware Web object is called. Even then, you generally write initialization code in a local initialize event procedure.