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Developing WebSpeed Applications
SpeedScript : Elements of SpeedScript syntax : Compile-time versus run-time code : Run-time syntax elements
Run-time syntax elements
Most run-time code consists of the following syntax elements:
*All statements other than compile-time statements.
*The options and phrases associated with run-time statements, including the executable components of block header statements, except those options and phrases that are also associated with compile-time statements (such as Format and Frame phrases).
The block header statements of iterative blocks (DO, FOR, and REPEAT blocks) all have executable components. These components enforce the iteration conditions (when the block starts and stops executing) and select what database data is available to the block.
*Assignment statements and nonliteral expressions (variables, functions, attributes, and methods).
Note: WebSpeed distinguishes variables from their field object representation. However, the references to variables (or fields) in the ASSIGN and {&DISPLAY} statements reference both the variables and their field object representations because WebSpeed moves data between them implicitly at run time.