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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Preface : Organization


Developing with WebSpeed
Discusses WebSpeed as a part of developing Web applications. This chapter also discusses WebSpeed in context with the rest of the OpenEdge platform and the OpenEdge Reference Architecture.
Web Objects
Describes several simple Web Objects that illustrate some basic WebSpeed techniques and concepts.
Describes the SpeedScript programming language and how to build Web objects with embedded SpeedScript.
Handling DISPLAY Output
Describes how to use and modify the default formatting for Web object output generated by the DISPLAY statement.
Generating HTML Visualizations
Describes how to generate HTML visualizations, using the installed custom tag and template for generating HTML tables as an example.
Using JavaScript with WebSpeed
Provides information on how to incorporate JavaScript into WebSpeed applications.
Controlling WebSpeed Transactions
Describes Web object states and how to implement them with the different types of WebSpeed Web objects.
Controlling Database Transactions
Describes how SpeedScript controls database transactions and how you can use state-aware Web objects to control multi-page database transactions on the Web.
Debugging Applications
Provides basic information on WebSpeed debugging techniques.
WebSpeed API Reference
Describes the WebSpeed PUBLIC API functions and procedures.