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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Controlling WebSpeed Transactions : Implementing transaction control : Modifying the user field list

Modifying the user field list

A user field list defines a set of name/value pairs that apply to your entire application. The user field list is global to all Web objects executing on the agent.
The function of the user fields is entirely application dependent. You can use it to maintain your own application states and to pass information between Web objects running on the same agent for the same Web request (or WebSpeed transaction, if the agent is locked).
To explicitly create and access user fields, WebSpeed provides the set-user-field and get-user-field API functions. For more information on these functions, see Passing information between Web requests. For an example of a user field used to manage a WebSpeed transaction, see Handling state-aware time-outs. Also see the AppBuilder online help for syntax information.
Note: The get-value API function looks first in the list of user fields. Generally, you use get-value instead of get-user-field to return user field values.