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Developing WebSpeed Applications
SpeedScript : Using <META> and <!--WSMETA --> tags : Generating information prior to HTTP header output

Generating information prior to HTTP header output

For an embedded SpeedScript Web object, you can generate additional header information (such as cookies) or perform any other processing or authentication before the Web object outputs the specified HTTP header information. If you define an internal procedure named output-headers in your embedded SpeedScript file, the resulting Web object executes this procedure before generating the HTTP header. If output-headers returns an error (ERROR-STATUS:ERROR = TRUE), your embedded SpeedScript Web object returns without generating output to the Web. The WebSpeed include file install-path/src/web/method/e4gl.i contains the logic for handling this procedure.
To code an embedded SpeedScript output-header procedure with the Procedure Window in the AppBuilder, you must include the procedure definition inside a statement escape. The Procedure Window has no way to insert an output-header procedure template into embedded SpeedScript.