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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Generating HTML Visualizations : Generating HTML tables directly from SpeedScript

Generating HTML tables directly from SpeedScript

You can generate an HTML table using embedded SpeedScript or a SpeedScript-generating Web object by directly calling the procedure based on your customized table.html. You do not need the custom tag because the embedded SpeedScript or SpeedScript-generating file contains all the HTML as well as your SpeedScript code.
There are several techniques for calling the table procedure. These techniques are similar to the custom tag method in that they require the same customization of the table template file and compilation of the file to generate a Web object (.w). However, they differ in how the generated Web object file is called. In the following descriptions of these techniques, table.w is the table-generating Web object:
*You can call table.w from another Web object (mywo.w) that was generated from an embedded SpeedScript HTML file. For example, mywo.html is an embedded SpeedScript file that contains a line: RUN table.r. You compile mywo.html, generating mywo.r, which you request from a browser.
*You can call table.r from a Web object (mywo.w) that is generated as an HTML-mapping or the CGI Wrapper Web object. In either case mywo.w calls table.r directly from the process-web-request procedure. In the HTML-mapping Web object, you might call table.r after dispatching the output-fields event procedure.
*You might request table.r directly from a browser. In this case, when customizing table.html, be sure to add the <HTML>, <HEAD>, and <BODY> tags.