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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Generating HTML Visualizations : Generating HTML tables with a custom tag : Using the <!--WSTAG--> custom tag : FILE attribute
FILE attribute
The FILE attribute in <!--WSTAG --> provides the name of the SpeedScript procedure that generates the HTML. If FILE is set to a filename, tagrun.p runs the specified file as a SpeedScript procedure. If FILE is set to "screenvalue", tagrun.p retrieves the value of the SpeedScript SCREEN-VALUE attribute on the fill-in field associated with <!--WSTAG --> and uses this value as the name of the SpeedScript procedure to run.
These are examples of the three techniques, where tagrun.p runs the SpeedScript procedure mytbl.p and then runs the file specified by the value of the associated fill-in field:
<!--WSTAG NAME="mytbl" FILE="mytbl.p" -->
<!--WSTAG NAME="mytbl" FILE="screenvalue" -->
<!--WSTAG NAME="mytbl" -->
With the third example, you must create a custom web.output control handler in Workshop and generate the table directly.