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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Handling DISPLAY Output : Changing output format defaults : Setting HTML attribute defaults : Entering attribute definitions
Entering attribute definitions
These are the basic rules for entering attribute definitions in display.dat:
*Any line beginning with pound (#) is a comment. No lines can precede or follow a definition except comment lines (no blank lines).
*The first character of the first line of a definition (if not pound (#)), is the delimiter for the definition.
This is the syntax for an HTML attribute definition:


You must enter each of the following elements in order, and with no intervening spaces (except as noted).
The first character of the first line of each definition. You can specify a different character for each attribute definition. Any text following on the same line as the third occurrence of delimiter is ignored as comment until the end of the line. The next line must be a pound (#) comment line or start another attribute definition.
The name of the WEB-CONTEXT HTML attribute you are defining.
(Optional) If specified, pound (#) allows you to start HTML-definition on the next line (for readability only) without the preceding NEWLINE character becoming part of the definition.
(Optional) Any HTML you choose for the definition, including spaces and new lines. The definition starts with the first character after the second (and preceding) delimiter unless you enter pound (#). If you enter pound (#), the definition starts with the first character after any immediately following NEWLINE. The definition continues for as many lines as you want, up to the third (and final) delimiter. If you enter no characters between the second and third delimiter, the definition is the null string. No checking is done to determine if the definition makes sense for the specified HTML-attribute.