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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Web Objects : Types of Web object : Embedded SpeedScript Web objects

Embedded SpeedScript Web objects

SpeedScript is a subset of the Progress ABL language. Embedded SpeedScript Web objects are compiled from HTML files that contain SpeedScript code. The SpeedScript code is embedded between the <script Language="SpeedScript"> tag and the </script> end tag in an HTML file.
Compilation of embedded SpeedScript files is similar to the compilation of standard HTML files. The compilation process creates a temporary .w file and then produces an executable .r file. The r-code recreates the content of the original HTML file and adds the dynamic content or any additional processing logic created by the embedded SpeedScript code.
The Detail Wizard and the Report Wizard in AppBuilder both create r-code using embedded SpeedScript in an HTML file. In addition, the AppBuilder contains a Blank Template which is an HTML file with markup for embedded SpeedScript.
See Embedded SpeedScript examples. Also see Overview of Embedded SpeedScript more information about embedded SpeedScript.