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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Handling DISPLAY Output : Working with DISPLAY output : Directing DISPLAY output

Directing DISPLAY output

Like all SpeedScript output statements, the DISPLAY statement always directs output to a particular stream. In WebSpeed, this output stream must also be directed to the "WEB" device (your Web server). WebSpeed provides two ways to direct DISPLAY output to a stream:
*Use the WebSpeed-defined SpeedScript output stream.
*Define and use a new SpeedScript output stream.
In general, it is better to use the WebSpeed-defined output stream to manage output to a Web page. The standard WebSpeed PUT statement directive ({&OUT}) uses the WebSpeed-defined output stream. Each output stream has its own buffer management. Because of this, if you output to more than one stream for a single Web request, the actual sequence of output to the Web page can be unpredictable. It might be different than the sequence specified by the order of output statements in your Web object.
* Using the WebSpeed-defined output stream
* Defining and using a new output stream