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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Controlling WebSpeed Transactions : Transaction control with HTML-mapping Web objects : Creating Definitions

Creating Definitions

The following shows the Definitions section of the example Web object w-custinf.w. The boldface text shows what is added to the default provided by WebSpeed:


File: w-cstinf.w

Description: Find and update basic customer information in Sports2000.

Input Parameters:

Output Parameters:



/* This .W file was created with AppBuilder. */
/* *************************** Definitions ************************** */
/* Preprocessor Definitions --- */
/* Parameters Definitions --- */
/* Local Variable Definitions --- */
DEFINE VARIABLE vButton AS CHARACTER NO-UNDO. /* Submit button value */
The initial comments block provides optional documentation on the entire Web object, including a description of any input and output parameters defined for it.
Note: You can specify input and output parameters only for Web objects that you call directly from other Web objects, using the RUN statement. For more information, see Running procedures and Web objects.
You can add any parameter, variable, or preprocessor definitions that you need for your Web object in this section.