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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Web Objects : Types of Web object : CGI Wrapper Web objects

CGI Wrapper Web objects

The source for CGI Wrapper Web objects is a SpeedScript .w file. There is no HTML source file associated with a CGI Wrapper Web object. Compilation of the .w source file produces a .r file that is executed by a WebSpeed agent. When executed, CGI Wrapper Web objects dynamically create HTML content that is returned to the client browser.
The source for CGI Wrapper Web objects contains HTML markup that is "wrapped" by a SpeedScript {&OUT} preprocessor statement. The {&OUT} preprocessor combines with a subprocedure called process-web-request to generate a valid HTML page. The generated page includes an HTML header that is produced by the CGI Wrapper.
The AppBuilder includes a CGI Wrapper template. This template provides a skeleton SpeedScript file that contains the basic SpeedScript code to generate and output an HTML file to the Web. You start by coding directly in SpeedScript and generate all of the HTML from within the executable SpeedScript file.
See A CGI Wrapper example for more information.