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Developing WebSpeed Applications
Web Objects : Embedded SpeedScript examples : A simple query

A simple query

The following shows the content of w-sstcst.html, which is one of the Web object example files found in the example directory:


<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
<title>Sports Customer List</title>
<h1>Customer List</h1>
<table border>
    <th>Customer ID</th>
    <th>Customer Name</th>
    <th>Phone Number</th>
  <script language="SpeedScript">    
FOR EACH Customer FIELDS(CustNum Name Phone):  </script>
    <td align=left> ‘Customer.CustNum‘ </td>
    <td align=left> ‘Customer.Name‘ </td>
    <td align=left> ‘Customer.Phone‘ </td>
  <script language="SpeedScript">
    END.  </script>
This example illustrates the two basic WebSpeed tags used with embedded SpeedScript:
*Statement escape tags (<script language="SpeedScript"> ... </script>), which allow you to embed one or more complete SpeedScript statements.
In this example the embedded SpeedScript includes two SpeedScript statements, FOR EACH and END. These two statements form an iterating block that reads each record in the Customer table. For each record read, the block also executes the HTML markup between the FOR EACH statement and the END statement.
*Expression escape tags (‘...‘), which allow you to include the current value of a single data element directly into your HTML source.
Note: The expression escape tags (‘...‘) are back-tick characters and are not single quotes.
In this case, the SpeedScript writes the values of three fields from the Customer table (CustNum, Name, and Phone) as character strings. The HTML markup formats the character strings into a table, one row per record.
The following shows the output when you compile and run w-sstcst.html.
Figure 3. Running w-sstcst
WebSpeed supports several alternative tags for both statement and expression escapes to ensure that you can use tags acceptable to your authoring tool. For more information, see Statement escapes and Expression escapes.