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Developing AppServer Applications
Debugging : Summary of debugging requirements

Summary of debugging requirements

The following requirements must be satisfied before you can debug an AppServer using either distributed debugging or remote debugging:
*The Debugger is supported on all platforms that support ABL.
*You must run the ProDebugEnable command and configure the AppServer for debugging by setting the debuggerEnabled property to 1 in the AppServer properties file ( If you do not start an AppServer with this property setting, you cannot use the Debugger to debug code on the AppServer.
*When you set up an AppServer for debugging, it does not activate the Debugger when the AppServer starts, but when a procedure on the AppServer is executed in the context of a debugging session.
*The Debugger (-debug) startup parameter and the DEBUGGER:DEBUG( ) method do not function on the AppServer.
*To use the Debugger with:
*Distributed debugging, you must start it on the platform where the ABL client is running
*Remote debugging, you must start it on the platform where the AppServer is running