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Developing AppServer Applications
Programming ABL Client Applications : Accessing AppServer resources from a client : Steps for accessing AppServer resources

Steps for accessing AppServer resources

To allow your client application to access and use an AppServer or application service:
1. Create a server object handle.
2. Use the CONNECT( ) method on the server object handle to physically connect an AppServer instance or logically connect an application service.
3. Invoke remote procedure requests using the RUN statement and remote user-defined function requests, as provided by the application service. Delete any proxy procedure object handles to remote persistent procedures as they are no longer needed.
4. When all remote requests to the AppServer or application service have completed, use the DISCONNECT( ) method on the server object handle to disconnect the client application from the AppServer or application service.
5. Delete the server object handle.
The remainder of this chapter provides more information and code examples for each step in this process.