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Developing AppServer Applications
AppServer and Client Interaction : Understanding AppServer operating modes : Stateless operating mode

Stateless operating mode

Unlike state-reset or state-aware, an AppServer running in stateless operating mode does not dedicate any AppServer agent to a client connection. Instead, all AppServer agents remain generally available to execute remote procedure and user-defined function requests from all connected client applications.
When a client connects to an AppServer that is running in stateless operating mode, the AppServer broker maintains the connection between itself and the client. The AppServer broker can then dispatch each remote procedure request from the client to any available AppServer agent to execute. Because any AppServer agent that executed a previous request from this client might not be available, the AppServer agent that handles subsequent requests might be different.
Note: The name of this operating mode ("stateless") refers to the lack of context that AppServer sessions automatically maintain between client requests. However, stateless operating mode does support additional mechanisms that you can use to maintain some context between requests, as described in the following sections.
* General AppServer-client interaction
* Connection management
* Performance considerations
* Context management