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Developing AppServer Applications
Programming the AppServer : Using AppServer configuration procedures : Startup and Shutdown procedures : Startup procedure
Startup procedure
A Startup procedure executes as an AppServer agent starts up. You can specify the name of an AppServer Startup procedure using the OpenEdge Explorer or OpenEdge Management or by setting the srvrStartupProc property in the AppServer properties file (
The Startup procedure takes a character string as an input parameter. For example:
You can set the value for this parameter in the properties file using the srvrStartupProcParam property, and you can set it to any arbitrary value. If you do not specify a value for this property, the parameter is set to the unknown value (?) when the AppServer agent executes the Startup procedure.
The Startup procedure is automatically executed as a persistent procedure within each AppServer agent when the AppServer agent first starts. The persistent procedure is automatically deleted just before the agent terminates. If you do not need the context established by the Startup procedure, you can delete the persistent procedure within an AppServer agent context by executing the DELETE PROCEDURE (or DELETE OBJECT) statement using the appropriate procedure handle.
If the Startup procedure completes with no error, the AppServer starts up successfully. If the Startup procedure completes with an error return value (RETURN ERROR statement), AppServer startup fails and the AppServer agent is terminated.