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Developing AppServer Applications
Preface : Purpose


This manual provides comprehensive information on a range of topics associated with developing application services with the AppServer and the applications that use them. These topics include: how an AppServer and client interact, specific ABL (Advanced Business Language) programming information to build distributedapplications using the AppServer, sample code used in AppServer applications, a discussion of issues related to designing and implementing distributed applications, and debugging AppServer applications. These topics also include information that pertains to using different types of clients with the AppServer, including ABL clients, Open Clients, and Web service clients when the AppServer is used to implement an OpenEdge Web service. Some topics document AppServer features also available for use with the OpenEdge® Adapter for SonicMQ BrokerConnect (SonicMQ BrokerConnect) as noted. For more information on the OpenEdge Adapter for SonicMQ, see OpenEdge Development: Messaging and ESB.