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Developing AppServer Applications
Preface : Organization


AppServer and Client Interaction
Describes the basic operating modes and configuration options that you can use to define an AppServerand the interactions that a client can have with it.
Programming the AppServer
Describes how to program the AppServer, including both application procedures and the types of procedures that you can define to set up and manage the AppServer session context for your application procedures. It also describes how to manage context, including transactions, for the different AppServer operating modes and handle error information that you pass to client applications. Code examples illustrate specific programming points.
Programming ABL Client Applications
Describes how to program a client application, with emphasis on ABL clients. It explains how to connect to and disconnect from an AppServer, run and manage remote procedures, and handle error information returned form the AppServer. Code examples illustrate specific programming points.
Design and Implementation Considerations
Identifies and describes various issues related to the design and implementation of the AppServer. This chapter highlights specific performance, deployment, and security issues, and introduces some programming techniques to help you write AppServer procedures.
Describes two enhancements to the Application Debugger that support debugging distributed applications and explains how to use the AppServer log file to troubleshoot your application.
Connecting to AppServers Using a URL
Describes how to use a URL to connect to an AppServer (or SonicMQ BrokerConnect). For an AppServer, this applies to ABL clients and Open Clients. For the SonicMQ BrokerConnect, this applies only to ABL clients.