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Developing AppServer Applications
Programming the AppServer : Managing transactions : Types of AppServer transactions : Normal ABL transactions
Normal ABL transactions
A normal ABL transaction has the scope of part or all of a single remote procedure call. That is, the transaction begins and ends during execution of a single remote procedure request. Thus, all control of the transaction is handled by the AppServer agent within a single request.
Normal ABL transactions take full advantage of ABL built-in transaction management features, such as ABL-integrated retry and undo (rollback) mechanisms. Normal ABL transactions yield the smallest possible transaction unit, providing the most efficient handling of record conflicts and transaction resolution. For most applications, this is the only type of transaction that you need to use. It is also the only type of transaction available to previous versions of the AppServer. For more information on managing normal ABL transactions on an AppServer, see the Implementing normal ABL transactions.